Extra! Extra! Check out News in Review!


LearnAlberta provides many resources and tools for students and teachers to utilize in the learning environment. Once such tool that is being highlighted today is CBC News in Review.

CBC News in Review is found in the Online Reference Centre webpage. It showcases video clips, teacher guides and documents available for use in the classroom. Topics range from:

This resource is updated on a regular basis. For instance, October videos are now found in the “New” section with some of the stories being:

Quebec Votes 2012

Quebec Premier Jean Charest called an election for September 4, 2012 hoping that voters would appreciate his handling of Quebec’s recent student protests, but the Parti Québécois under leader Pauline Marois were ready for battle. This News in Review story looks at the campaign, the controversies and the election outcome. (Length: 15:05)

Also find this story in the Government & Politics link

Lance Armstrong: Hero or Villain?

Lance Armstrong’s legacy of beating testicular cancer and winning an unprecedented seven Tour de France races has been on the line in recent years with persistent allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs. This News in Review story explores the most recent of these allegations and Armstrong’s decision to give up the fight against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. (Length: 16:01)

Also find this story in the Sports link

The Search for the Franklin Expedition

It’s an important piece of Canadian history and a mystery that has stumped the world for more than 160 years: what happened to Sir John Franklin’s Arctic expedition and where are his ships? As this News in Review story discovers, this year a team of archaeologists from Parks Canada took another crack at solving this high-arctic mystery. (Length: 15:04)

Also find this story in the Canadian History link

Crisis in Syria

It was seventeen months into the violent struggle in Syria, but August of 2012 was the bloodiest month of the conflict so far. An estimated five thousand people lost their lives in a civil war with no end in sight. This News in Review story follows this continuing conflict, the latest salvos from both rebels and President Bashar al-Assad and recent developments on the UN stage. (Length: 18:17)

Also find this story in the Global Studies link

You can also check out downloadable resource guides HERE.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that teachers can use the CBC News in Review. Leave yourself a monthly reminder to check back within this resource to further enhance the learning opportunities in your classroom.


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