Language Learning at Your Fingertips!

Learning another language can be an exciting and challenging adventure for both students and teachers. One software program that is available for students to learn practical conversation skills is Mango Languages. This program uses a specific methodology, engaging interface, intuitive interactive tools and valuable cultural insights.

Learning a language should be fun, memorable and interactive! Mango Languages software is a great resource for students to practice their conversation skills. This software program is available through your local public library. All students need is their own public library card. On either the Stony Plain or Spruce Grove Library websites, students will need to go to the eResources tab and then pick the Language Learning Software category.

Once students set up their profile within Mango Languages, they can choose the language course they would like to study. As well, there are two levels of learning – Basic and Complete 2.0. Basic teachers simple, practical skills for basic conversations and takes only a few hours to complete. (You can stop at any point in the course. Everything will be saved under the students own profile.) The Complete 2.0 course teaches in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar skills.


What I like about Mango Languages is the ability to establish a profile, customization of the learning and building up on conversation skills which are, at times, most difficult to do within a classroom experience. Each of Mango’s lessons are created by native-speaking teachers bringing some important authenticity to the language being studied. Memory building and critical thinking exercises are interspersed between conversations giving some different interactive experiences for students.

I look forward to hearing your stories or students’ stories of their experiences with Mango Languages. With more than 30 languages and a newly released iPhone and Android app, this software program is sure to enrich students’ language learning experiences!

By slitech

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