CultureGrams – A Great Social Studies Resource

Did you know that CultureGrams provides information on all of the countries of the world recognized by the UN? That includes Tunisia for all you Grade 3 teachers! Did you know that our LearnAlberta – Online Reference Centre subscription includes a Kids Edition, a World Edition and a Provinces Edition?

What is CultureGrams? Two minute video

Fast Facts:

1) Information is updated every 6 months and articles in the Kids and World Edition are written and reviewed by in-country consultants.

2) The Kids and World Edition include 5 cultural recipes for every country.

3)  The Photo Gallery and Slideshows help students to understand what everyday life looks like in the country. Showing a slideshow can be a great way to set up your unit of study. There is also a link to famous people in the Additional Features section.

4) The “Tools” box is a great place for your students to gain quick access to valuable information. Use the graphs and tables link to create a customizable table or graph comparing data from different countries, or from one country. Compare things like economy, electricity consumption, internet use, literacy, years of education, etc. What a fantastic way to link your mathematics and social studies curriculum! A quick tip for selecting more than one country and/or category – use the control button on a PC or the command button on a Mac. Also of interest in the Tools section is the World Time, Distance Calculator, and Currency Converter.

5) Another feature that may delight your students is the downloadable links at the bottom of every article. Check these out to hear the name of the country or hear the national anthem.

6) Teachers may want to check out the link at the very bottom of the screen called Teaching Activities PDF. Download this document to access 79 activities for using CultureGrams in the classroom. While these activities are aligned with the US curriculum, many are either general research (Country Bingo, Interviewing and Polling, etc.) or can be easily modified to accommodate Alberta learners.

More About the Provinces Edition:

The Provinces Edition includes 2 recipes for each province, however the recipes are only searchable one way. Access provincial recipes by clicking on the “recipes” link on the top bar of Provinces Edition. When you search in this location you will find a list of the provinces – select one for a listing of local recipes.

Also along the top bar of links you will find a Graphs and Tables link. Click this link to access ready-to-use tables that compare provincial data like population, literacy rate, high school graduation, average hours a week of television, etc. For customizable data create your own table or graph. Get your students to compare provincial literacy rate with average hours of television – I think that would cover the math and health curriculum!

The last link on the top bar that may be of interest is the flag gallery. Check this link out to see all of the provincial flags, or print out an outline for your students. Access the article pages for each province through the links provided on this page as well.

For more info:

Training Videos – introduction, overview, searching, content.

Teaching Activities – a .pdf containing 80 different K-12 activities


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