Online Reference Centre: 3 Trial Resources!

Some truly exciting things are occurring on the LearnAlberta Online Reference Centre webpage! Three new trial resources will be available free for teachers to access from now until December 15th. Below are each of the three titles and descriptions regarding these resources. As well, please let the ORC group know about your experiences with one or all of these resources by completing their survey.



1)      PowerKnowledge – Life Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science

Grades 1-6 – actually recommended for 3-6, however with the read aloud feature and topics this resource could be used with younger students

Use this resource to find factual information organized into three categories: earth and space science, life science, and physical science. Topics include earth cycles, energy and matter, ecosystems and biomes, rocks and minerals, landforms, water, weather and climate, animals, classification, endangered and extinct animals, life cycles, plants, habitats and ecosystems, green living, elements and periodic table, atoms and molecules, temperature and measurement, and much more. Listen feature, videos, glossary and web links are provided.

Click this link to complete the evaluation for PowerKnowledge – Life Science, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science


2)      Teen Health and Wellness

Grades 7-12

Use this database to find out more about diseases, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, green living, grief and loss, mental health, sexuality and sexual health, nutrition and fitness, and much more. Videos, “ask Dr. Jan,” personal stories and hotlines are included. !

Click this link to complete the evaluation for Teen Health and Wellness


3)      TrueFlix

Grades 3-6

Use this resource to access videos and interactive non-fiction books organized according to the following categories: Ecosystems, Experiments, Extreme Nature, Human, Body, Space, Ancient Civilizations, Continents, and Disasters. Related Grolier Online articles, project ideas, quizzes and web links are provided.

Click this link to complete the evaluation of TrueFlix


So, go ahead, explore yourself or have your students explore these three new exciting and engaging resources!

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By slitech

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