Dive in and Discover some Learning!


In the past three years, Parkland School Division teachers have utilized the vast resources found within the Discovery Education Canada website. It has mainly been used for teachers to bring in relevant and authentic video, audio, pictorial and text-based resources into the classroom. Our hope over the next number of years is to harness the power of student-centered learning within the Discovery Education Canada environment. This means that teachers can assign individual or even groups of students a specific resource to view, to assess and to manipulate. This also means that students can easily access these resources and use them in their research and presentations. This student-centered approach allows both teachers and students more flexibility in how they consume and create the information that they are receiving.


As you can see via the latest tweet that I have sent out to PSD teachers (and a follow-up link within our employee newsletter), Discovery Education Canada has resources for all grade levels, specific Alberta curricular outcomes and current event items. This is an amazing and authentic resource found at our fingertips.

By slitech

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