How to have Early Years students blogging

This a sample and brainwave example is from slide 15 of 103 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the classroom. Today I was reviewing the Interesting Ways GDocs when slide 15 really intrigued me so much that I had to try it out for myself! I quickly got out my iPad, searched my various note taking apps and then I scooted over to my laptop to get onto my admin page of a WordPress blog. In our school division over the past year we have been preaching the benefits of having students blogging to share their learning, to reflect on critical challenges posed in activities, to comment on classmates thoughts and work and to start to build an eportfolio of sorts. When I saw the idea of a notetaking app and a quick email into WordPress I was ready to try it out to see how quick and easy it hopefully would turn out to be. Well, I wasn’t disappointed! Below is the example that I created for Bo, a fictious Kindergarten student. He has taken a picture of the class color posters and is commenting on which is his favorite color.

Set up
1) Install Upad Lite on iPad.
2) In your admin side of your WordPress account, in Dashboard go to My Blogs, under Post by Email click “enable” and you will then receive a specific email address to this WordPress account. 3) Copy this email address and paste it into your Contacts app on your iPad.
4) In Upad Lite set up a different notebook for each student. Title of the book is the students’ first name.

Student directions (trust me, show them a couple of times and they’ll easily do this!)
1) Open up Upad lite, go to own Notebook.
2) Start a page or + to add another page in their Notebook.
3) Draw, type, or add photos.
4) At the top of the page, click the bolt image (settings) and then email image.
5) An email page will pop up and in the TO: ……section, click + and choose the specific Contact name that has been set up for the class blog.
6) Choose SEND and your student has now made a blog post! (See the example below, this is from page 2 of Bo’s notebook.)

Sent from my iPad

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