Techevolution in the Library

The library,  the resource centre, the media centre…..whatever it is called in your school or school division, the resources in print, on computers and the personnel are still an important part of a school community. Many teachers, students and librarians use this ‘centre’ in a variety of ways.  With the 24/7 access on the internet to materials, books, videos, quotes,  information and research, how do librarians continue to encourage the use of this centre in their school building?

Three ways to join the “techevolution in the library”

These three ways come from librarians sharing their ideas via their blogs, on twitter and on websites.

1) 60 second recap – one way to interest students in reading is to have them view a 60 second summary of the book. This website does a great job of hosting these brief clips. If there isn’t a recap for a particular book that you have in your collection, you can send the group an email to request a recap, which I think is a neat idea. Or, better yet, could a local student who already has read the book do a 60 second recap which could then be saved on a school or library webpage?

2) QR codes – the Digitization 101 blog does a wonderful job of explaining QR codes and their uses in libraries. They have much information, resources and slideshows that certainly will help the novice learner. If you are interested in trying out QR codes in your library but still would like some support, feel free to contact me and I can come over to assist you in this process.

3) Connect with other librarians – Diigo is a social bookmarking site that hosts various groups. Once you have a Diigo membership, which is free, you can join any group of your liking. In searching for librarian groups I came across 292 of them! So, there is a few to choose from. What is nice about a Diigo group is that any websites and/or information that group members bookmark online and choose for their group to view get’s automatically updated into your list! Once again, if you would like to know more about social bookmarking (making your bookmarks available online and anywhere you want to access them) and using social bookmarking groups to your advantage, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me at

Try one during the first part of 2012, you will be glad you did!

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