A.T. + E.T. + I.T. = a gr8 way 2 personalize learning!

Over the past several years, I have happily used the Diigo social bookmarking site to gather the pertinent online information that I sift through daily. With my Diigo Google Chrome extension I happily save many websites! That piece, in itself is a lifesaver when it comes to looking for specific info that I have ‘squirreled’ away. Yet, this is not the only thing that I really like about Diigo. I find the REAL power of Diigo is connecting with other people and groups. I will further explain the GROUPS portion of Diigo:

1)      Via My Groups you can set up a group for a specific grade level and invite fellow teachers to join and share their resources. Anything they bookmark on Diigo and tag to this specific group is sent to all members (you can set this email feature for daily, weekly or monthly email updates). It’s a great way to receive resource ideas from other people.


2)     Join a group that already exists. Some favorites include:

  1. AT in SpEd which is geared toward finding and sharing info about AAC research, communication and Assistive Technology.
  2. Special Education Technology Integration. This group is all abo0ut websites that aid in the usages of tech in the special education classroom.
  3. Literacy with ICT. A group working to implement Literacy with ICT across the curriculum in their schools.
  4. Google in Education. A group of educators using Google Apps in Schools.
  5. Leadership for Mobile Learning Initiative. A companion tool for CoSN’s new Leadership for Mobile Learning Initiative.
  6. SETSIG UDL Playground. This group aggregates and tags sites and tools that are useful in creating UDL instructional learning experiences for every student.

Diigo is a powerful tool in collecting, cataloging and sharing resources. If you would like to start your Diigo experience visit http://www.diigo.com/index. You will be glad you did!

By slitech

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