SLItech: That’s a Wrap!

Today mark’s the end of the Supporting Leaders in Integrating Technology project here within PSD. It has been an exciting and challenging time for all of us. Our goals, outcomes and new vision have become part of the learning environment for SLItech Team members.

It is our hope that the NINE effective strategies laid out by our leaders will continue to be shared, used and updated within our classrooms. We also hope that this is not the ‘end’ of our technology integration discussions, networking and innovations. It is pertinent that technology becomes part of the work we are doing with critical thinking, curriculum, differentiated instruction, inclusion, assessment and instruction……

Today’s meeting concentrated on:

1) showcasing innovative spirit via an A-Z Listing Activity, a QR Code ScanVenger Hunt.

2) creating ethical global citizens through looking at resources such as Free the Children, online global classroom sites and AT&T’s Texting While Driving quiz and documentary.

3) guiding self-directed learners by looking at “the next generation digital book”, a “3D Atlas of the Universe” and reading a blog/site.

Finally, survey results and annual comparisons were shared.

This presentation and further links are all found HERE.

By slitech

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