Reading Well

Readingphoto © 2005 Emily Walker | more info (via: Wylio)
Every day there is something new to read. Whether it’s on a computer screen, newsprint, iPad, smartphone, agenda, coffee cup or road sign, we read. How can teachers model reflective reading and demonstrate thoughtful discussion to students?

There are a number of resources and ideas to stimulate reading in your classroom.

1)     Alternative to Traditional M/C Reading Comprehension Exams

2)     Inanimate Alice is a digital storybook with images, text, video and sound with possible grade levels from grade 2 – 9.

3)     Focused Reading Skills – a great list of books with specific themes for the K-12 classroom.

4)     Anticipation Guide to help establish a purpose for reading, reflection and discussion for grades 3-12.

5)     Treasures Reading Resources and Teacher created reading resources for Treasures for grades K-6.

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