SLItech May Group Meeting Summary

By the end of this meeting, we should be able to share the highlights from the three collaborative group activities, Book Study wrap up and school presentations with your staff.

Finding Common Ground Activity – this is an effective strategy for engaging a group either at the start or end of a session. It sparks conversation and prepares a newly formed group for more complex and potentially more challenging work. In a group of 4, produce as many non-obvious things that the group members have in common as possible related to ______________ (our topic was personal and professional technology integration). Aim for a minimum of 3 items. When time is called, ~5 minutes, each group will chose to share ONE commonality. If others in the room share that attribute, they raise their hand

Generate,  Sort and Synthesize Activity – this is a great way to explore and synthesize info from _______________ (chapter, novel, text, video, etc. , for SLI tech members it was to work from our books: The World is Open, Leading 21st Century Schools, Disrupting Class) while incorporating and honoring individual points of view. If you use this activity with staff and/or students, make sure to give directions one step at a time so groups don’t move too quickly through the activity.

Part 1 – in your book study group, generate 3-5 ideas each related to the info presented in the book. Place each idea on a separate sticky and onto your poster sheet.

Part 2 – in round robin format (no discussion/comments), choose one of your ideas to elaborate on.

Part 3 – group your stickies into clusters that make sense and create labels for each cluster.

Part 4 – create a synthesizing statement, incorporating the ideas explored during the previous parts and reflecting big ideas, insights related to your book. Share this statement with the main group.

Time needed: 25 minutes.

Help Wanted Ads Activity – this activity sparks conversation about a topic and establishes readiness for further exploration. Divide groups into threes. Give each group a particular topic (for SLItech is was one part of the SLItech vision).  The help wanted ad that is to be created that reflects some key aspect or big idea.  Brief time frame of 7-10 minutes is all that is needed. Then share help wanted ads to the main group.

  • Wanted – Learning Culture that Empowers Innovative Spirit
  • Wanted – Learning Culture that Engages Self-directed Learners

     Wanted – Learning Culture that Develops Ethical Global Citizens

**I have made an instructions slide and included the .ppt for participants for each of the above activities. Please use these activities to activate discussions and summarize learning within your school sites at any time!

School Presentations

Stony Plain CentralAdministration and staff share technology integration ideas on PD Days. As well, Landon showcased his use of Netvibes – an RSS reader that manages blogs, news, is easy to use, could be set up for a classroom with particular subject areas. (Check out this blog which explains how to use Netvibes in class.) And Brad, demoed his use of a class Facebook site to incorporate links, daily assignment posting, easy to set up and students are familiar with the tool. (See this blog on how to use Facebook safely with middle years students.)

Millgrove Through MuseumBox, Millgrove showcased what each grade level is working on. The new smarttable is supporting DI and inclusion work. Digital document cameras are used by students to demo 3D work. The VC suite is a fabulous tool that brings curriculum to life such as the 12 Days of Xmas with Arizona activity. The smartboards in every classroom are easily accessible by students and staff. Audio recordings for Mother’s Day poems, personal strategies for Math and grade 1 riddles are common. The new sensory room is used for all students (see an example from the company). 

Keephills Smartboards are found in every classroom and lab has been updated with laptops. On insideKeephills there are announcements, Aileen’s weekly blog, resources. Like using Dreambox, Starfall, Tumblebooks, Quia, Webquests, Wordle, Glogster, Audacity (for the school announcements). 

Forest Green/CFLEmphasis is on literacy; the opportunity to write. Staff and students are blogging. Some blogs are private while others are public. Long term is to see students use their blogs to create a learning portfolio.  Presentation link. 

Graminia Early/Middle Years monthly meetings focus on technology, collaboration, reflecting on practice, time for sharing what’s working in the classroom. (Some of the PD sessions are found in the Staff Links – Smartboard Collaborative Folder – PD.) Upgrading of mobile laptop carts has allowed staff and students to bring technology to the learning. Also importance of connecting technology with critical thinking. 

Wabamun Staff have participated in a book study, Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works. Students this year worked on linking citizenship with community charities and used technology to present their findings and information. Want to connect Balanced Literacy with technology such as with “inanimate alice”. 

Entwistle  Now starting to use the VC unit more; taking a look at enhancing digital learning with a variety of sites to engage students. Using smartboards, websites and web 2.0 tools (GoAnimate4Schools, Pivot Stickfigure Animator) like other schools. 

Duffield Working with smartboard activities, webquests, videos, online research, blogs, MovieMaker, Glogster, Prezi, website development and VCing. Staff already share great sites with each other via email and during staff meetings. Experimentation and sharing is working well and next year, they look to possibly standardize staff meeting sharing and share PD opportunities that have been attended. 

Muir Lake Using web-based tools to enhance communication for parents and students through WordPress and Eboard. For Science, Edquest is great and for Language Arts, Digital Storytelling, CalgaryAcademy, Collections Canada are standard. With FSL, DigitalDialects has been used. For next year, plan is to have middle years students start building ongoing digital portfolios. 

Upcoming Meeting/Events

·        SLItech Wrap-upplease register for  this event on Tuesday, June 21st from 8:30am – 11:30am

·        Download Mobile Learning app (will be used on June 21st)on your BB – ScanLife, on an iPod Touch/iPhone – BeeTagg Reader or on an iPad – BeeTagg Reader Pro,  Android – QuickMark.

·        Complete one  (or more) slide(s) on the Interesting Ways presentation

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