April SLItech Meeting Summary

By the end of this meeting, we should be able to share the highlights from the Mobile Learning discussions, Book Study and school presentations with your staff.

Since we last met activity submissions are found at http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/lastmet

Mobile Learning

·        Apps for iDevices and for Blackberry users in early years, middle years, high school and administrators/teachers found at PSDtechpd 

How are you using your mobile phone?

o   Phone                                                 * for dictation

o   Email – sending and replying,        * check on sports update

connecting with staff                            * to use remote control applications (servers)

o   Text                                                    * to check the weather

o   Internet surfing                                * as a clock, alarm clock, stopwatch

o   Taking photos                                   * listening to podcasts

o   Watching/making movies               * microblogging

o   As a date book/calendar                 * organizing my life

o   Playing games                                   * to keep track of my kids

o   Reading                                              * contacting mgmt, using contact list/directory

o   Messaging people                             * to-do lists

What apps/programs are you using on your mobile phone?

o   Banking                                              * Pedometer

o   iTunes                                                * BB Messenger

o   Facebook                                           * Notepad/Notes

o   Urbanspoon                                       * Voicemail/Voice memo

o   Kobo reader                                      * Twitter/Tweetdeck

o   Flixter                                                 * GPS

o   Live Scores/TSN                              * Dropbox

o   Various games                                  * Evernote

o   Couch to 5K                                       * Dragon Dictate

o   Pedometer                                         * WhatsApp

o   My Fitness Pal                                  * Social Feeds

o   Our Groceries/Shopper                  * GoogleTalk

o   BeeTagg/ScanLife                            * Weather

o   Card star                                            * Facebook

o   Dictionary/Thesaurus                     * AMA

o   RSS feed reader/Netvibes              * BBC

o   Word games                                      * YouTube

o   GoogleMaps/Maps                           * Angry Birds

o   Nike + iPod                                        * Journal

o   Yelp                                                    * Ning

o   iFlash

Tech Talk

·        Linda Lee from purchasing attended.

·        Discussion surrounding – sharing any software, hardware that schools may have to share with others in PSD, please see Linda to assist you .

School Presentations

·        Meridian Heights 

o   Using the Seven Habits/Leader in Me resources and creating movies through Photostory 3 and Windows Moviemaker.

o   Grade 5’s took their illustrations and put them into Storybook Weaver.

o   Task Cards have been made which provide instructions for teachers in using a particular technology tool.

o   Peter Gee showed his website http://www.mrgee.ca where he has assignment information, etc. Parents and students like it.

o   Bill discussed how MHS staff are talking about whether or not paper Agendas are needed for middle years students since they may already be using an electronic version via their iDevices and/or smartphones

·        Blueberry

o   Protopages set up by some teachers to organize subject area information, strategies for parents to use when reading and/or working with their children, and important links.

o   Grade 2 – smartboard usage ( ie. using laptop carts with mice, students constructed SmartNotebook slides. Each group had a different animal.)

o   Grade 3 – using Storyboard (like Photostory) to combine stories with student illustrations.

o   Grades 4, 7-9 – Prezi presentations.

o   Option Courses – Communication: Bought this book –  Student Powered Podcasting: Teaching for 21st Century to guide teacher and students in podcasting. With Digital Imagery Option students are using digital cameras and MovieMaker.

o   Music – Choristers. Teacher has pre-recorded the music and her voice of all the pieces that students are working on.  Ability for students to practice with her at home anytime!

o   School of Rock workshop with City Centre Arts at BB for 30 students in movie making. See Bob for more details.

·        Broxton Park

o   Theme: Unity through Diversity.

o   In early education, emphasis in knowing the low to high tech solutions. With Nicole’s high needs students, she is using iPads and iPod touches. For communication, some of her students are using the  $189 Proloquo2Go app on an iDevice and having much success.

o   In middle years, students have used GoogleDocs to summarize work such as a Social 9 class working on the Youth Criminal Justice Act. In French Immersion 6/7, students have used Adobe Premier and Movie Maker to create movie trailers for specific assi gnments. In MAP, an autistic boy is using the Smartboard to share his learning. And blogging with Kidblog is happening in grade 5.

o   Staff recently have had 13 smartboards and projectors installed in classrooms. Also, collaboration through blogging happening with http://broxtonlighthouse.wordpress.com and Kathy Mann’s blog at http://katherinecmann.wordpress.com .

·        High Park

o   In the school, tools like protopages, nings, a school YouTube account, smartboards, elmos, clickers, cellphones, digital cameras/video cameras, VC unit are all assisting teachers in engaging students.

o   Japan Relief Video – Bandanas for Japan. Always discussing with students in understanding which is the correct medium to use for specific audiences.

o   Lots of mentoring of students and teachers – how to use technology tools to support learning. Great video of teachers explaining the tools they use and what they use them for.

·        Parkland Village

o   Upcoming PD on RWG with ERECS – Ross for grades ¾ teachers.

o   Having an EA with technology skills and experiences is really helpful.

o   iPad program with students – video on CTV – 10 iPads are signed out by teachers, bought by parent council, student engagement right now is high and wanting now to see how much the learning has progressed using this technology.

·        SGCHS

o   CTS modules in mechanics are available 24/7

o   In InfoTech – lessons are created and posted by students.

o   High School Flexibility Project is combining technology, AISI and subject areas.

o   Wi-fi has been installed since January.

o   Tell Me More online language software program is a success for French and German studies. Looking at using the Japan version in the future.

o   Using both clickers and cellphones for feedback during lessons.

o   Promethean boards and Planet resources being used in math dept.

o   Video creation through Animoto, Camtasia.

o   English dept looking at using iPads for e-readers on Elmo.

o   Design Studies did a great “godfather like” video to promote their course.

o   School of Cooking also did a promo video, as did Comm Tech.

o   Looking at using Desire2Learn (D2L) – an online management system


Next Meeting/Events


April 21st – PD Day – MileGuide survey – http://bit.ly/mileguidePlease provide group time for all staff to complete this 14 question survey and input their results. We are comparing this to our April 2010 results.

May12th – next SLItech group meeting. Schools presenting are: Forest Green/CFL, Graminia, Keephills, Millgrove, Stony Plain Central, Wabamun, Duffield, Entwistle, Muir Lake 

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  1. The next meeting is actually Wednesday, May 11th (due to flooding and Covey training). Please adjust your calendar schedules.

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