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I just found a way to post on wordpress through email. I know this has existed for some time. I was just facilitating an integrating technology leadership meeting and the administrators/tech leaders were commenting of the great work that was being shared by some of the schools this morning.

“Where could we host these wonderful activities, ideas and resources?” was asked. “And where could we host it so that more than just our school division teachers/administrators could access them?”

Maybe a simple addition and sharing of a little email address might be possible? Right now I am typing this text in an email box, hoping this might be a way to go about the sharing:

1) This tool already exists out in cybersphere.

2) This blog is known to our PSD staff through the weekly online newsletter articles it links to.

3) Teachers need an easy and efficient way to post any activities, ideas and resources integrating technology.

Now my thought is: how do I add a photo within this email and can I provide any links too? Let’s see:

1) Our PSD tech blog

2) An image (I just copied and pasted this one, then text wrapping square):

By slitech

One comment on “Posting by Email

  1. Well, well – not bad.
    1) It was quick and easy to do.
    2) The only edit I needed to do was to remove my background email color as it showed up as an extra image at the beginning of the post.

    I am ready to share the POSTING EMAIL address with our SLItech group. Let’s see if they use it and share with others!

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