Tech Tip – You Too Can Be a Poet!

fridge poetry 2photo © 2005 BGP | more info (via: Wylio)

Have you ever wanted to play with words and come up with a unique poem or paragraph? Now you can do this with ease using The Magnetic Poetry for Kids website and your Smartboard!

Magnetic Poetry website:

  • There are four different kits with different word collections.

To work on the Smartboard:

  • Go to the website and choose the kit that you’d like to work on – Kids Kit, First Words, Best Friends, or Storymaker.
  • The work area is on the left side (fridge) and the words/phrases are found on the right side. Just touch and drag words into the work area. Words can be moved easily around and placed anywhere.
  • Increase the zoom level of your browser to make sure the application fills the entire screen.

Classroom Ideas

These can be completed individually or even as a small group.

  • Construct a sentence that contains one noun, one verb and one adjective.
  • Build a 10 word sentence from the group of words in the word collection.
  • Once you have chosen and dragged over specific words, ask students to find all the nouns in the top part of the refrigerator.
  • Find all the verbs that describe what you can do on a rainy day.
  • After studying a concept in poetry, have students make several poetry samples on the fridge.
  • Make the silliest sentence ever AFTER students have come up with some criteria.
  • Review the Poetry Collection already found on the website to get students started on their own poems.

Other Poetry Resources for use with the Smartboard

  • The Poetry Engine
  • Poem ideas on Smart exchange
  • ReadWriteThink has its own magnetic poetry area
  • Get even more creative and have students try Book Spine Poetry where they find books, line them up and take a photo of their spines arranged in a certain order. What fun! If you have a document camera or access to a digital camera, take instant photos and visualize them on your smartboard. See some samples HERE.
  • Decoding a poem – a flash interactive site with a poem and questions from the BBC.

If you have any other ideas, please share them with your colleagues or even as a comment on this blog!

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