Tech Tip – Highlight What’s Important

Styleful / artful highlighter pens drawing on paper / COPICS / sharpiephoto © 2011 photosteve101 | more info (via: Wylio)

Although Yukio Horie in Japan invented the highlightable felt-tip pen, it wasn’t until Avery Dennison Corporation trademarked their Hi-Liter that students began to use it for educational purposes. From various mounds of research, one knows that “highlighting” key words or phrases allows us to gather pertinent information.

Nowadays, if you use social bookmarking like Diigo, you have seen the online highlighting that can easily be used.

Another online annotator is also being used called Awesome Highlighter. All you have to do is to highlight text on a web page and then you are given a short link to this particular page.


  • Key points from an article can be saved and shared with friends through email, twitter or a webpage.
  • Store notes and highlights.
  • Useful for online research.
  • Can post sticky notes on the highlighted website for students to answer/reflect upon.
  • Use multiple colors to code specific findings.
  • Use the Simple English level in Wikipedia for struggling or young readers and have them highlight key information.

For more information on how Awesome Highlighter works, see FreeTech4Teachers. Check out how one teacher used it in class at ImDoingMyHomework blog – scrolling down to posts from February 19 – 23, 2010.

By slitech

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