Tech Tip – Interesting Ways to Engage Learning Digitally

laptop, camera and cellphonephoto © 2008 Lito Dela Casa | more info (via: Wylio)

In 2011, you probably have heard of Google Docs, Blogging, Wikis, Twitter, Wordle, iPads, iPods, Prezi and even Interactive Whiteboards.

How do we link these tools to engaging our learners in the classroom?

Tom Barrett has done an admirable job of gathering quality classroom ideas from all over the world and putting them together in a succinct manner online. At the moment there are 29 topics in the Interesting Ways to Use collection and I am sure there will be more to come! As well, within each of these examples, people are continually adding their examples and resources so the ideas are always evolving! If you have a Google account, save the topics you like in it and they instantly update for you whenever someone or Tom has added anything to them.

I am looking forward to seeing teacher ideas from PSD #70 pop up within these topics in the near future!

By slitech

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