February SLItech Meeting Summary


February’s SLItech Group meeting consisted of a variety of discussions, reflections and collaborative work with participants. A summary follows below:

1)      Book Study – our three books (see previous blog describing the three books) continue to be discussed by the groups. Some of the points brought out were:

  1. Knowledge doesn’t and shouldn’t belong to any particular individual, corporation, government.
  2. How do we use web 2.0 tools meaningfully in learning?
  3. Social networking is now part of professional networking; digital identities are part of who we are in today’s society and we need to understand how to manage them appropriately.
  4. Communicating and sharing with one another about our success and challenges with integrating technology into the classroom is key. Collaboration is critical.
  5. Process skills are becoming more and more a priority. Teachers need to be critical of what they are teaching their students.
  6. How do we harness technology to help students see the importance of community and see beyond their own personal needs.

2) Vision and Journey

  1. Participants were to watch a brief video The Impact of Social Media in Schools and work through an activity answering the questions, “What doors can/has technology opened for you?  And “How has/can social media impact the classrooms/student learning/teaching at your school site?”

i.      Exploring educational uses for blogs, wikis, twitter, Facebook, Skype, VC.

ii.      Accessing ideas from around the world and connecting with educators in similar subject areas or titles.

iii.      Learning how to engage students in authentic learning situations/activities.

iv.      Connecting with stakeholders.

  1. A read through on the draft vision set forth by SLItech: “Parkland School division is a responsive learning culture that empowers innovative spirit, engages self-directed learners and develops ethical global citizens.”

3) Strategic Directions

  1. In the visioning process during the Fall 2010 SLItech sessions, participants established both framework and practice and implementation stance for integrating technology in PSD. Framework goal is to establish governance and administrative procedures for the effective implementation of technology in PSD. The Practice and Implementation piece is to build capacity among our stakeholders to develop an understanding of why and how we use technology to enhance learning and teaching.
  2. Responsible Use of Technology Agreement draft was unveiled and critiqued.
  3. Technology Standards for Administrators, Teachers and Students were reviewed as to possibly providing PSD a framework in targeting our digital-age leadership and learning within the division.

Overall, we continue to see progress in the way our leadership is supporting technology and integration of technology in learning.

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