Tech Tip – What’s Up?: Bringing Words to Life in the Classroom. © 2008 Nina Jean | more info (via: Wylio)

Social Media has and is influencing how our students are learning to communicate with their teachers, each other and the community. Check out a few nifty tools to engage them even further!

1) Wordia is an online dictionary that allows users to do traditional dictionary searches for spelling, meaning and the etymology of a word, but with the opportunity to explore the connotation of the word through video. Teachers may sign up for their own free account which provides a safe and secure area.
2) Vocabsushi is another website where students can learn vocabulary within the context of a sentence instead of rote memorization. Try it out for free for one month.
3) Word Wiz Movies can also be a way for students to learn new words through writing, videotaping and editing their own movies at school.
4) Spelling City provides students with an online way to practice spelling words. There are games, lists, word meaning activities, writing skill activities. They also have great how-to videos and information for teachers, parents and students. One school in particular has set up a practice routine sheet.

Share what you are utilizing in your classroom to bring words to life!

By slitech

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