Hashtag Heaven – R U Listening?

Now that I may have some of your attention….

I just returned from a conference and am processing all of the amazing F2F and virtual contacts that I made with several of my tweeps, the great conversations, the thought-provoking keynotes and sessions and the swag that I took home. One of the things that made the conference pertinent to me is that I enjoy tweeting and I take tweet notes during workshops, sessions and conferences. That #…… hashtag is a powerful thing these days! It’s been so important that it enables us to follow a variety of discussions, tag specific info and even connect with new tweeps (people/peeps who tweet). I do recognize that after a conference has run its course, the particular hashtag may not easily be accessible, so it is a priority to pull off any details and store them in a collaborative document (Google Docs, TitanPad) or bookmark them online (Diigo, Delicious).

ATLE (#atle10) – Alberta Technology Leaders in Education Conference – occurs every November for 2.5 days. Check out the complete conference schedule or even listen to one of the archives of the keynote speakers. The Couros Brothers keynote is available as well on slideshare, as well as Shareski’s “What do we keep/throw away” and Niebo’s.

A few sessions offered their info online such as:

http://todaysmeet.com/techPD/transcript and Tech PD using TitanPad. As well, some final twitter comments:

Check out what others learned at the #atle10 conference:


Not Yet on Twitter?

A great video to have someone watch, who is not presently on twitter is “Twitter in 60 seconds for anyone”.  Who to follow? Check out my Twitter group lists which will be back up and running by December 8th through tweepml. Once you get on Twitter, you will see the PD value in the connections made via this amazing virtual community (see some #atle10 pics.)

Follow me @nlakusta and share your experiences with twitter. If you are interested in following a great hashtag throughout the year – check out #edchat – this group speaks on a particular set of two educational topics every Tuesday (10am and 6pm, MST).

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