Strategies for Struggling Readers: The ”Word Caller” – Tech Tuesday

Zelda was kicking my butt. xDphoto © 2008 Ashley Sturgis | more info (via: Wylio)








Meet the “word caller”:

  • She reads very little and does not like to read.
  • Lacks effective word attack skills.
  • Exhibits poor comprehension skills.
  • Has limited language and vocabulary.
  • Has limited understanding of words; does not grasp multiple meanings or connotative meanings.
  • Struggles with figurative language; can decode words that are not in oral vocabulary.
  • Raises hand to answer but “forgets”.
  • Appears attentive when ‘reading’ but disengages when response is required.

How can we help?

Today’s Tech Tuesday group shared various strategies and resources, both online and offline. Find that information HERE.

This wiki site will be continually updated through the contributions of any teachers who would like to send me their examples, resources and information. Email me at

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