Podcast with a Purpose

Learn five classroom ideas to use podcasts that are engaging and easy to implement. Podcasting is a valuable tool that allows teachers (and students) to share their learning, resources and information in a unique manner.

1) Create School Announcements
Podcasts are a creative way for students to make classroom or school announcements. When you incorporate podcasts into your announcements, students can be kept informed with what is going on around them. 

How you can implement this into your classroom:
Let your students host a morning news outlet where they can showcase podcasts they have created.  Students should be encouraged to interview their peers, the administration, and other teachers to find newsworthy stories to report on.  Schools can use the podcasts to make announcements via their Web site. (For further information check with Glen Thiel at Brookwood School since they produce a weekly ‘radio show’.)

2) Assign Collaborative Student Projects
Try planning a group project and have students incorporate audio or video into their podcasts.

How you can implement this into your classroom:
Find an audio podcast of a play to use in your drama class. Split your class into groups and have the students choose the parts they’d like to portray. Then play the podcast for each group, and ask them to silently act out the play with only the dialog and sound effects of the podcast as guidance. Create a rubric including originality, accurateness, blocking, and entertainment value. Ask the students to use the rubric to critique each group’s interpretation of the play.

3) Keep Absent Students Up-to-date
Podcasts can help keep all of your students on the same page. Absent students can use your podcasts to listen to class lectures, daily activities, homework assignments, handouts, and more.

How you can implement this into your classroom:

Save all of your math class’ handouts as digital images on your computer. Place the images in a media program and convert them into a video slideshow. Upload the slideshow as a video podcast to the class Web site so that the materials can be available for absent students. (Check the copyright if you are using textbook materials.) How_to_Vodcast document walks you through how to accomplish this! Thanks to Brian Sydora for asking 🙂

4) Prepare Substitute Teachers
Podcasts are a great way for teachers to prepare ahead of time and leave instructions for substitute teachers.

How you can implement this into your classroom:
Record a podcast with a day’s worth of instructions for your substitute teacher to use with your class. Break the podcasts down so that there is one for each block you will be absent.

5) Engage Parents
Students are able to share their work with their parents through Podcasts.  You can use podcasts to communicate and engage parents with activities your students are participating in.

How you can implement this into your classroom:
Take your art students to a museum as a field trip. After the field trip, record students’ impressions of the art they viewed. Ask them to talk about their favorite or least favorite piece of art, what they liked or didn’t like about it, and how they, if asked, would recreate the piece’s subject matter. Then post the audio recordings as podcasts to the school’s Web site, and allow parents to access them. (Ensure that you have parental permission to post these recordings online. A wikispaces website is an easy place to post these recordings.)

Like the idea of Podcasting but you have never had the opportunity to work on one yet? Have no fear, listen to this 3 minute Podcast and check out this tutorial using Audacity to record your Podcasts. If you would like a handout for the tutorial rather than the website, please email me at nlakusta@psd70.ab.ca and I can send you one!

Materials needed for a successful Podcast:

* computer/ laptop

* headphones with microphone or microphone by itself

* Audacity software downloaded on the computer (Put in a HelpDesk ticket. As well, the first time you use Audacity, a pop-up for a Lame dll may come up, just call HelpDesk and they will complete the download.)

* music – copyright-free  at http://ccmixter.org/ or http://www.freeplaymusic.com/

* a good script

Image – http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__ftcrhXc35Q/S43LIxHUr_I/AAAAAAAAAkM/t8oymeUibBI/s320/Podcasting+Skills.jpg

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