Benefits of Polls/Surveys – Tech Tuesday

Why/how can you use a poll/survey?

  • Increase classroom participation and attentiveness
  • Encourage risk-taking with anonymous student responses
  • Elicit diverse opinions when there isn’t a correct answer
  • Gauge student comprehension of material immediately
  • Grab students with thought-provoking critical inquiry opening questions
  • Assess last night’s reading with a quick quiz
  • Strengthen retention
  • Utilize its capabilities outside the classroom for PD, student-run presentations, talent shows, battle of the bands, staff presentations, student government, or community forums.

What online polls/surveys are available?

Take your time at choosing an online poll/survey format. I really like GoogleForms since I have a gmail account this is easy for me to use, however the URL for a survey is quite long and if you don’t have student emails then this is not a good choice. PollEverywhere is a great choice for students who just have access to computers (you can use twitter and smartphones as well) since it requires a simple website URL and a specific # or title to type in.

By slitech

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