Do You Have H.E.A.T.?

While not referring to our own personal well-being, this H.E.A.T. acronym is an important one to note, use and develop in your school and classroom. During the first year of SLItech, participants actively engaged in a workshop introducing H.E.A.T.’s focus. A continuation of this focus, this year, will be to implement this H.E.A.T. framework effectively in each school.

What’s really this H.E.A.T. thing?

The H.E.A.T. Framework measures the integration of four factors in classroom instruction. The four factors include:

  • Higher-order thinking
  • Engaged learning
  • Authenticity
  • Technology Use

How to turn up the H.E.A.T. in learning

WATCH: 212 degrees

Many people have seen the above video based on the book 212: The Extra Degree. It’s message is so powerful in understanding that it is our time to increase the temperature of our ambitions, performances and goals in life by ONE degree. This makes ALL the difference. How can we take that ONE degree and make a difference in our classrooms right now?

The amount of H.E.A.T. that we are generating from our classroom instructional practices directly affects the level of student engagement in the classroom. If we increase the H.E.A.T – higher-order thinking, engaged learning, authenticity and technology use – in the classroom, we can make a huge difference in the learning environment for students. As well, H.E.A.T blends in well with all of our school division and provincial initiatives – Critical Thinking, Assessment, Differentiation, Inspiring Education, SLItech.

Let’s make learning relevant, rigorous and recognized as a way to elevate our experiences in school.

Using this H.E.A.T. framework, administrators and teachers can look to the guides of the NETS*S, Bloom’s (revised) Taxonomy and Alberta Curriculum when creating lesson plans, conducting classroom walkthroughs, engaging in peer discussions/observations or designing appropriate performance assessments.

We look forward to hearing about your H.E.A.T. experiences in the upcoming months of the SLItech project!

HEAT rubric

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