Year 2 Here We Come!

Year 2 SLItech learning activities will continue to focus on developing leadership capacity while increasingly using the insidePSD portal as a tool to share and organize information re: integration strategies, resources, best practices and divisional learning.  The expectation is that in year two each school team will combine their technology integration experiences and leadership skills to support their entire staff in enhancing technology integration.

We’ll be asking ourselves:

1) How will administrators support staff by enhancing technology integration?

2) How do administrators want technology to support learning at schools in the division THIS year?


September 29th: Technology Integration Visioning Workshop (large group of stakeholders)

October 12th: Technology Integration Action Plan (small group)

October 18th – December 17th: SpeakUp 2010 Survey for all admin, teachers, most students and parents.

October – May: Book Study








(Staff optional online PD opportunity) Sept 20th – Nov. 26th:

(Staff optional hands on PD opportunity) Every second Tuesday, starting Sept. 28th: found on insidePSD PSD 70 = PD tab .

Our online discussions with SLItech members will continue on the insidePSD Collaboration site for this project with summary information found within this blog. It is my hope that administrators will continue to share their experiences, reflections and information with their staff in regards to SLItech developments. This SLItech Blog is available for all PSD staff to view the over-encompassing thoughts, discussions and activities undertaken by the SLItech Project.

Comments are always welcome on the blog or directly to me at

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