A Vision of Canadian Public Education

In April 2010, the New Brunswick Department of Education (Premier Shawn Graham and Education Minister Roland Haché), shared the NB Ed’s three year plan with local news outlets. Since this time, their video has gone viral with many national and international educational institutions interested in this 21st century focus.

Although the video is flashy and informative, it underlays an important process that all schools, administrators, teachers, students, parents and communities SHOULD undertake in order for today’s students to be:

  • Highly skilled in literacy, numeracy and scientific thinking
  • Critical thinkers and creative problem solvers
  • Collaborators
  • Skilled communicators
  • Resourceful, reliable, resilient and physically active
  • Involved in their communities and connected to the world.

New Brunswick’s full three year plan report is found at http://www.gnb.ca/0000/publications/comm/NB3-21C%20consultation%20document%202nd%20edition.pdf .

In the second year of the SLItech project, our administrative participants will be tasked to further develop Parkland School Divisions’ vision for technology integration such as what NB has gone ahead and done. The above video, a peruse through NB Ed’s three year plan and the assistance of Terri from Community Development Alberta Culture and Community Spirit will allow PSD #70 to target it’s goals into pertinent actions to apply and integrate 21st century learning and teaching.

This video, when shown to PSD staff, may even commence a collective brainstorming session at a specific school site in which teachers discuss what actions they would initiate this year to further develop the 21st century skills of their students, themselves and the community.

Feel free to share your thoughts and discussions around this video and information. Thanks to Bill at for allowing us to use the video

By slitech

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