Getting SMART-er

Today, 22 PSD teachers/technology integration assistants are embarking on becoming SMARTboard Workshop Facilitators. With the assistance of ERLC and Karla Holt, PSD is embarking on building the capacity of our people at EACH school site with the knowledge of TPACK and interactive whiteboards (specifically the SMARTboard). This full day workshop ran through SMARTboard 101, 102 and 103. All participants, including a few outside our school division, were given the resources, materials and information to hold their own on-site staff workshops. Although there was not much time to do a lot of playing, there certainly was a lot of information shared, discussed and created.

Participants shared the following useful sites:

Over the past several years a majority of the schools in our school division have decided to buy interactive whiteboards for their classrooms, mainly the SMARTboard kind. Teachers have had informal workshops and the opportunity to attend ERLC SMARTboard 101, 102 and 103 workshops (some hosted by our own Millgrove School). Administrators and teachers are interested in what an interactive whiteboard offers in the learning environment. Parkland School Division has a webpage that lists various SMARTboard resources at There is also the SMARTexchange area hosted by SMARTtech at

Listed below are the top eight ways in which I have seen PSD administrators and teachers use the SMARTboard with students and during meetings.

1)            Notetaking and Brainstorming through KWL charts, tables, graphic organizers, plain notebook file.

2)            Games such as Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and my new favorite Kooshball.

3)            Visit Learn Alberta with the Online Reference Ctr, streaming National Geographic videos.

4)            Videos to capture thoughts from Youtube, Schooltube, Teachertube, and even DVD’s.

5)            Interactive digital storytelling with Starfall, and Photostory.

6)            Click and Drag activities to review learned concepts.

7)            Interactive websites like Edheads or Weather Network for weather and GameGoo for early years.

8)            Sound bytes for enhancements and encouragement. This is a great addition to any activity.

Want to learn more?

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