Online MileGuide Assessment

The MILE Guide Self-Assessment Tool
A visual mapping and self-assessment tool that allows districts to plot where they are today and set a course for future integration of 21st century skills into systems of learning.

Schools will be providing a specific time to complete this assessment during their April P.D. Day. This information will assist PSD in determining where they are on the spectrum of 21st century skills integration. This information will then be used to plan a path for future work that brings 21st century skills into everyday learning and teaching.

While core subject mastery by students IS important in Alberta,  we should also be asking if our students are:

  • critical thinkers?
  • problem solvers?
  • good communicators?
  • good collaborators?
  • information and technology literate?
  • flexible and adaptable?
  • innovative and creative?
  • globally competent and competitive?
  • environmentally literate?

Here are our results:

After reviewing each category, compare our district’s components with those in the 21st century level. What actions might our district take to move toward that vision? Our school division has commenced these discussions with the attendance to the Leading Our Way Forward Conference. We will continue the process by working on a vision for innovative teaching and learning with technology this Fall.

  • For Student Knowledge and Skills, how can we move to having students demonstrating mastery and understanding of core coursework, implementing literacy (civic, financial, global, health, environmental, media, technology) skills, engaging in critical thinking, exhibiting citizenship and social responsibility, and learning how to learn?
  • With respect to Education Support Systems, how can we develop and teach units/lessons that enhance deep mastery of core curriculum? 75%+ of student work should be assessed for mastery of 21st C skills and students need to be active participants in recording and understanding their classroom performance and use this to guide and refine their work. At one high school, flexible units of time are now offered to enable interdisciplinary project-based teaching and learning. Differentiation must be better utilized, with a progression from teacher-led to student self-directed learning. Finally, teachers need to receive job-embedded, customized, collaborative and technology-infused PD.
  • Educational leaders will work towards consensus around a vision for student learning which includes core content and 21st century skills in the Fall of 2010. They should also promote, facilitate and model through PD – instructional best practices and resources. Teacher leaders must be well-integrated in every school to model and foster integration of teaching and learning of 21st century skills so that all staff can demonstrate skills like creativity, critical thinking, sound assessment practices, and problem solving.
  • With new Alberta curriculum, assessment best practices and Setting the Direction as part of the package in which stakeholders are faced with, it is important to advocate for appropriate funding to support and monitor progress on the comprehensive integration of these needed skills across the province. PSD should continue to invest in assessments and PD that cover student mastery of K-S-A’s of the curriculum. Encouragement and transparency with parents and community organizations through meetings, events and a new public school division website in June 2010 is occurring.
  • Once stakeholders have developed a vision for integrating technology in PSD then this can be further communicated to the general public.
  • Our policies must continue to support improvement in 21st century learning, leading and living.


Besides having staff complete this brief survey, some schools also used the “Where’s the Flashlight?” activity from Bernajean Porter from the Leading Our Way Forward Conference in April 2010. The activity asks teachers to classify student tasks into literacy, adapting or transforming learning with technology.

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