Where R We At?

SLItech May 13th session focused on: insideSchool portals, Imagineering, some Blog Time and a Celebration reminder.

Natalie from IT dept. provided us with an update. As well, this is also an opportunity for schools to share their site pages and experiences.

The 21st C requires that children live, learn and work in environments that are completely different from the traditional classrooms they may currently encounter. In order for students to be prepared for the demands of this new era, classrooms, schools and school divisions need to reflect the changes in philosophy, teaching methods, environment and tools which are necessary for students to competitive and productive in this century.

Writing down key words, on the stickies provided, what might you imagine could be found in a:

For example, under HOME, I could use the key word(s): anytime communication. I imagine a home where every parent, regardless of native language or educational background can communicate readily with teachers about their child’s progress.

Under SCHOOL, I could use: immersion. I imagine a school where every student regardless of economic level, age, ethnicity, ability can be immersed in the sights, sounds, and languages of other countries; visit virtual museums; research the holdings of libraries from around the globe; and explore the inner workings of cells from the inside out through the connection to the international space station.

Under SCHOOL DIVISION, I could use: anytime, anywhere. I imagine a school division where every teacher regardless of subject, experience, location, or size can get hands-on training instantaneously; interact with a virtual P.D. community; and have access to student performance data.

Under PROVINCE, I could use: collaborate. I imagine a province where every person regardless of where they live can collaborate with work colleagues at distant sites; search out primary source materials and data on events on the other side of the world; and take HS courses with fellow students from Seville, Spain to Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Imagineering – derived by combining the words imagination and engineering. Contrary to popular belief, Walt Disney Studios did not create the term, nor the process. Alcoa first used the term around 1940 to describe their work. “IMAGINEERING is the word… Imagineering is letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.” In the February 16, 1942 issue, Time Magazine ran an ad for Alcoa that related the origin of the term. However, Walt Disney Studios adopted the concept and the terminology of Imagineering and created an entire division of Imagineers to drive their creative work.

Imagineering is a concept that blends creativity and innovative technological advancements. Many organizations have adapted this process to assist in creating strategic plans as well as forward-looking operational structures. This seems to be an appropriate way to describe that portion of technology planning and implementation that provides stakeholders the opportunity to envision “what could be”, or more specifically, “what would I like my students, parents, teachers and administrators to be able to accomplish in their classrooms and schools that is not possible now”.

* What was one ‘aha’ moment from the Leading Our Way Forward Conference?
* What are the next steps for your school to achieve?
* In order for schools to achieve this vision, what does the school division need to do to make this possible?
* What obstacles do we need to address?
* What is the strategic technology vision for PSD?

Science Leadership Academy – founding principal Chris Lehmann discusses creating the schools we need. As you watch this video, think about the next steps for 21st C skill developing/technology integration plan for PSD.

Two examples were shared:
1) Forest Green – admin and teachers and
2) Blueberry – teacher and students

Highlight a high-yield technology-based strategy that you facilitated to support and enhance learning and teaching for students/teachers at your school. What worked? What kind of growth or change have you noticed? Are there any recommendations to the group? How is technology being embraced at your site?

Image – 21st: http://www.wgte.org/wgte/content/items/image/4446_l.jpg
Imagineering: http://www.federicolugergallery.com/images/Imagineering.jpg

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