Promote Your School Online

This post deals with the power of Twitter. Of course, there is the power of using Twitter as part of a PLN – professional learning network, but how about using Twitter to promote events and happenings at your school? Sure, the monthly school newsletter won’t be eliminated…let’s talk ‘enhancement’ of the tried and true paper news that for the most part hopefully lands in the hands of parents at home. With better websites, schools also are displaying their newsletters, however, it’s not real-time information. Some of it has already happened and some of it will in the near future, but what about this week, today or even this hour? Wouldn’t it be great to share with the school community the amazing things going on in the classroom, on a field trip, for a special fundraiser or to celebrate athletic and academic successes? I believe that Twitter can be another forum to showcase school happenings. See Kevin’s thoughts on starting to tweet about his school<a .
What do you think? Are you ready to enter the Twitterdom to promote your school?

By slitech

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