Poll Results

After visiting school sites, the results are IN!
The technologies that are available to school administrators are:
Laptop/tablet – 90%
Internet and fax – 100%
Desktop computer – 80%
Cellphone and two-way radio – 75%
Auto msg system – 65%
Videoconferencing and webcam – 45%
Handheld/iPod touch – 40%
Other – smartboard, video and digital cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, projectors, digital projectors (ELMO), classroom response systems were mentioned.

Applications that are available to administrators are:
Word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation software, calendar, email, email distribution lists, school webpage, internet, SIS – 100%
Instant msg – 75%
Voicemail – 75%
Other – RWG, Notebook, School dude, My Budget file, Studentlink, Boardmaker, Nettrekker, Study Island, Photoshop, CAD, programming apps.

By slitech

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