Learning Activity Types from TPACK

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This information is designed to provide teachers with a directory of free web tools along with some suggestions as to how they may be used. This week’s topic is: Learning Activity Types

Learning activity types function as “big picture” set of planning tools for teachers; they comprise methodological shorthand that can be used to both build and describe plans for standards-based learning experiences. Each activity type captures what is most essential about the structure of a particular kind of learning action as it relates to what students do when engaged in that particular learning-related activity (e.g., “group discussion;” “role play;” “fieldtrip”). Activity types are combined to create lesson plans, projects and units.

Here you will find various learning activity types as well as the background information on TPACK (technological pedagogical content knowledge) which connects content with technology integration.

K-6 Language Arts
7-12 Language Arts
K-12 Mathematics
K-12 Science
K-12 Social Studies (General information as Alberta’s new Social Studies curriculum does already contain various interactive elements.)
World Languages
• TPACK – “technological pedagogical content knowledge attempts to capture some of the essential qualities of knowledge required by teacher for technology integration in their teaching.” Details found at http://tpack.org/

Image – http://hopefoundation.org/hope/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/tpack-contexts-small.jpg

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