SLItech Recap

The SLItech project was set up to achieve the following:

1) Provide a PD plan focused on coaching, supporting and mentoring administrators in their work to integrate technology in the instructional process through: group sessions, school visits, special projects.

2) Administrators will learn how to use the portal to collaborate, communicate, find/access info.

Upcoming Opportunities:
Leading Our Way Forward Conference – circulate list. School name and numbers attending the April 19/20th conference

SMARTboard training – online form will be emailed to Lead Team. School and staff name by March 31st for the May 27th workshop. Goal is to have one person per school site trained.

At this time, the SLItech project requires some pertinent information from you to plan upcoming sessions. Please meet within your groups/tables to discuss and write down comments on the sheet provided.

#1 What challenges are you facing (which are barriers) in effectively applying the new knowledge and skills presented in the SLItech sessions, meetings and resource materials?

#2 What implementation strategies are working best for you?

#3 In order for the district and your school to move forward in regards to technology integration, what kind of support/info/PD would you like to participate in for 2010-2011?

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3 comments on “SLItech Recap

  1. 1. What challenges are you facing (which are barriers) in effectively applying the new knowledge and skills presented in the SLItech sessions, meetings and resource materials?
    – Time and money
    o collaboration time
    – Technology restrictions
    o Infrastructure issues (eg. No wireless in some buildings)
    o No student-owned device access
    o Policy/decision restrictions
    – Deciding appropriate and effective uses for classes
    o Must be developmentally responsive
    o Guidance
    – Lack of just-in-time support
    – Time for implementation/to share with staff
    – Amount of technology showcased has been too much, better id we learned one thing and wen back to share it – which is a challenge because we all have different needs depending on school K-4, 5-9, K-9, 10-12
    – Not knowing what to apply and how to apply
    – Not having enough support in our schools – resources
    – Spreading the knowledge to other teachers in our building – building capacity takes time and money – of which we have none.
    – Budget cuts are an issue – no money for PD and training sessions
    – There is a sense that the information and implementation nwould be best targeted at admin w/teaching staff- those that implement.
    – There are very many brand new items introduced all at once. There were many possibilities – slow down for sharing.
    – Some things aren’t possible yet – IT concerns!
    – Budget planning – where do we go with purchasing….laptops vs iPhones/iPads….
    – IT security concerns need to be resolved.
    – Variety of software and technology serves children well as assistive tech, etc….
    – We need to understand how to ‘walk beside’ kids as they explore technology w/questionable, fantastical content — and what is private and what is public….We need to help them BUILD A POSITIVE IDENTITY.
    – Narrowing the focus – not layering on top, but choosing those things which will support teaching and learning
    o Efficient
    o In-line with practice
    o Not technology for technology’s sake
    o Front end work
    – “apathy” (in terms of priority) – fear/stuck/resistance
    – Time
    o time to learn, time to focus, time to analyze the ‘tools’
    – Time
    o to review, try, work with it, evaluate
    o time consumed by other PD priorities
    – Planning/Visioning Challenges
    o How to plan when the “game” keeps changing
    o Two types of technology – the prototype and the obsolete
    o Focus on a few areas of technology that get good results with kids
    – Closing the Gap
    o The technology access gap is wide for schools with small budgets
    – Staff Continuity
    o Keep people in place year to year

  2. 2. What implementation strategies are working best for you?
    – Having a trained resource staff
    o Building internal capacity
    – Grassroots development and vision
    o Coach
    o Help staff running with division
    – Pairing staff members to help one another
    – Using student leaders to help with computers
    – Building in time during PD for sharing of knowledge
    – “play days”
    o People get to come and play and learn new things on SMARTboard/tablets
    – Casual sharing of useful resources
    – Building capacity among EA’s
    – On PD day, one thing is introduced to teachers
    – The team has shifted to include teachers
    – Looking to other sites allows us to begin to ask important questions about what technology integration could look like
    – Being able to help solve the problems
    o Find the right tool
    o How might technology satisfy this need?
    – Having other people able to learn/share
    o Momentum shift: becoming the norm
    – ½ day (time) to “play” with the SMARTboard
    – Having key experts on-site
    – Let the keeners build the momentum
    o Pull more than push

  3. 3. In order for the district and your school to move forward in regards to technology integration, what kind of support/information/professional development would you like to participate in for 2010-2011?
    – Activities that help us understand
    – Lead team — lead teacher model (moving the support PD)
    – Rolling out a tech plan
    – Portal technology
    o School – student interaction
    – Theoretical/ethical/philosophical discussions about the future direction of technologies
    o District planning in terms of equality w/in schools
    – Digital citizenship needs to be a focus
    – Big Picture
    o What are the standards for staff w/regard to technology and digital citizenship? Teachers need to knoe what is appropriate in blogs, Facebook, etc….
    – Practical Stuff
    o We want to learn about how to use relevant social networking materials w/students – group pages.
    – PD
    o On-site visits from Nicole have been useful
    – More frequency of sharing among buildings
    o Collaboration between schools
    – More frequent practicing of what we are learning
    – Not learning so many new tings all at once
    – Not such a big focus on SMARTboards
    o Why not inservice teachers on iPod touches, what programs are available, video editing, things that are useful to Middle Years school
    – Sharing of knowledge around VC-ing to really get it up and going
    – Having a year vision to begin at the beginning of the year – before PGP’s are developed
    – Continue to investigate new technologies (exposure)
    – On-Site visits
    o Within division and outside
    o Focus on practical strategies
    – On-site PD for staff
    o Embedded
    – Collaboration time
    – Revisit policies, practices, restrictions in light of developmental needs, differences, etc.
    – Focus on the job embedded support
    o Assess and provide support based on individual needs and school differences (which are significant)

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