SMARTboard Resources

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This information is designed to provide teachers with a directory of free web tools along with some suggestions as to how they may be used. This week’s topic is: SMARTboard resources.

1) SMART blog – hosted by James who shares many resources, has online PD, a Twitter account, delicious bookmarks, etc.
2) Get SMART with SMARTboards – co-hosted by James and Harvey filled with resources and podcasts.
3) SMART exchange – set up by SMART where teachers can share their lessons on any subject from Art to Special Education.
4) SMARTboard ning – a group site where teachers can share ideas, tips, and lessons. Many exemplars and this site can be put into an RSS feed (if you are using one) to automatically send you updates.
5) Teaching with SMARTBoard – on iTunes in Podcasts, free 20+ minute regular podcasts in video (vodcasts) by Dave and Scott for grades 6-12 teachers. Emphasis is on lessons that engage students while using the SMARTboard. They also host a website as linked in the title.
6) Interactives for Alberta Teachers – a wiki for grades 1-6 core subject areas managed by Kim Peacock.

All of these sites offer teachers the opportunity to explore new activities, collaborate with other teachers, and share lessons. We also have a local wiki which lists various websites and ideas on how to use the SMARTboard. As well, we are lucky to have Millgrove as a SMART Showcase School. Through, they offer regular SMARTboard P.D. and are always willing to share their ‘SMART’ knowledge!

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