Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy – updated

A couple of weeks ago I came upon M Fisher’s blog discussing Bloom’s taxonomy at He had been playing around with a visual representation using web 2.0 tools. At first, I appreciated his effort in adding in various tech integration tools, but I skimmed through other blogs and wikis discussing Bloom’s and thought I could come up with another visual representation. I see Bloom’s skills levels as different “towers” of thinking and worked from that particular framework. Of course, some of the web 2.0 tools can be utilized in a couple of “towers”. I attempted to give a basic overview of what web 2.o tools COULD be utilized in a specific area of the taxonomy. As instructional leaders of a school, Administrators should be aware, from their own post-secondary experience, of Bloom’s Taxonomy and the upcoming revisions made. A great wiki discussion with thoughtful and a chalkful of information can be found at’s+Digital+Taxonomy. Administrators should also be attempting to link their prior Bloom knowledge to that of web 2.0, hence my search for and creation of a Bloom’s web 2.0 Taxonomy found at

. Let me know what you think!

By slitech

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