Using Tech w/ Class Instruction that Works

Alrighty…here’s the book that I choose late Spring this year as part of a book study/template to follow while working with Administrators. I had already read Marzano’s Classroom Instruction that Works and found this book was a great compliment to the work that I would be doing with Admin.

We’ve just complete our third month in this project. In regards to the use of this book, some Admin are quite happy with the instructional strategies that are laid out and are sharing them with their staff, others see the book more for their staff and not themselves and some are letting the book gather some dust between our group sessions.

I have read the book several times, set up a WIKI for our Admin group so that the books’ information would come alive with all its links. It can be found at

Today, my excitement was finding Matt Kuhn’s CITW bookmarks on Delicious! What a find! I immediately added those bookmarks to the above WIKI site. I’ll be able to share this new information with Admin as I make my rounds to each school site over the next few weeks before Christmas break.

I’m always looking for more Admin resources to assist staff in integrating technology. Feel free to share your thoughts and resources too!

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