Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century

(Prezi presentation – )

• Background knowledge on David Warlick
• When and where: Nov 4th from 9am – 3:30pm at Four Points Sheraton, Edmonton

Discussion and Sharing
Questions that will be addressed include:
• What do you need to know, when most of recorded knowledge is a mouse-click away?
• How do you distinguish between good knowledge and bad knowledge?
• What does it do to the value of information, when everyone is a producer?
• How do we teach ethics, when we are empowering our students with such prevailing skills?

Fireside Chat
• Opportunity for ONE person per school from SLI Tech participants to be part of a Fireside chat directly with David Warlick – for him to get an Albertan perspective. A PSD-only session in the evening from 5pm – 7pm at Leah’s. We will have sign up sheet for you soon…..
• To further our discussions from the Daytime workshop, we will work through a Critical Thinking Activity to have some powerful essential questions ready for the Fireside Chat. You may or may not be directly involved in the AISI cohort, therefore we wanted to share some of the experiences the Lead teachers are having during our PD sessions with Wally.

Critical Thinking
• What questions would help you learn more about David Warlicks’ thoughts on Literacy and Learning in the 21st Century?

Source: Modelling the Tools – Asking Powerful Questions

• Frame effective, powerful questions
• Brainstorm criteria for a powerful question
• Use criteria to evaluate effectiveness of generated questions
• Formulate some questions that would enhance our knowledge and inform our practice.

• Checklist:
o Is the question:

• Sample generic questions – not related to our topic.
Powerful Questions Not Powerful Questions
How did you decide that you wanted to do this job? What is your job?
What is the hardest part about your job? What is your favourite hobby?
What is the most interesting thing you do at work? How long have you been working
at your job?

• Criteria (normally one would go through a process to co-create the criteria, this has been provided already)
o Specific to David Warlick
o Open ended
o Not easy to answer
o …
o ….
o …..

• Group Brainstorming
o Take time now in your groups to come up One or more essential question(s) in the time allotted, justify it using each of the criteria, tweak it if need be to indeed meet all criteria.

• Share your discussion questions with main group

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