Setting Objectives – Web Resources and Communication Software

Web Resources
• Teachers can use the internet as a guide when setting objectives during the planning process.
• What are the steps teachers can follow to translate broad standards and benchmarks into rubrics to guide student learning?

1) Surf away at any or all of the sites listed.
2) Take time to “check out” – tips for class blog and class blog challenge.


Student Friendly Outcomes

Rubrics for Web Lessons

Quality Rubrics for any lessongeneric rubrics provided so that teachers can customize them

Landmark Project Rubric Machine – by David Warlick. A collaborative rubric toolkit.

TeAchnology Web Portal for Educatorsgreat site, good free samples, however must pay a subscription fee if want the full-meal deal.

Technology Rich Classrooms

Communication Software
• Blogs and email provide another way for you and your staff/students to set and communicate goals and objectives.

• Great tool for setting student objectives and differentiating learning.

Check outQuick Start Tips for Setting up a Class Blog

Check outStudent Blogging Challenge

User-Friendly Technology
Blogs are surprisingly easy to use. They require minimum technical knowledge and are quickly and easily created and maintained. Unlike many traditional Web sites, they are flexible in design and can be changed relatively easily. Best of all, students will find them convenient and accessible via home or library computers.

Educational Benefits of Blogs
In addition to providing teachers with an excellent tool for communicating with students, there are numerous educational benefits of blogs. Blogs are:
• motivating to students, especially those who otherwise might not become participants in classrooms.
• excellent opportunities for students to read and write.
• effective forums for collaboration and discussion.
• powerful tools to enable scaffolded learning or mentoring to occur.

Blog video and samples
What is a Blog?
List of Bloggers

• email communication between student and teacher = simple to set objectives and ease to store information
• newsletter emailed to parents to keep them informed about student learner outcomes

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