Supporting Leaders in Integrating Technology (SLItech)

Parkland School Division has successfully applied for a technology grant through Alberta Education aimed at building the leadership capacity of the division’s leadership team to integrate technology into the instructional process. This will achieve the following:
1. Provide a PD plan focused heavily on providing system leaders with a coaching and mentoring model to support them in their work to integrate technology in the instructional process. A cascade model of PD will also aim to help school-based administrators to develop staff capacity in their schools.

2. Division leaders will learn how to utilize and leverage the new portal technology (Scholaris Gateway and SharePoint) as a major vehicle to collaborate, communicate, find and access information as part of the process of integrating technology into the instructional process

Questions to Ponder:
What does effective technology integration look like?

Are 21st century skills seamlessly integrated into the learning environment at your school?

Educational Administrator Performance Indicators (as per ISTE’s NETS*Admin)
Visionary Leadership – inspire, engage, advocate
Digital-Age Learning Culture – instructional innovation, modeling, effective practice, collaborate
Excellence in Professional Practice – professional growth, PLCs, use digi-tools, on top of trends/research
Systemic Improvement – purposeful change, share w/ staff, recruit and retain staff, partnerships, infrastructure
Digital Citizenship – equitable access, policy, responsible social interactions, global involvement

Tools Shared/Discussed:
NETS*A – The ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Administrators
NETS*T – The ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers
NETS*S – The ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Students
Essential Conditions
SpeakUp Survey 2009 and reports
Classroom Observation/Discussion Tool for Integrating Technology
• SLItech sessions
• SLItech inside PSD website
Technology Integration Matrix

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