Hello world!

Welcome. As a person who surfs the web, tweets, posts, links, creates wikis….this is the first time I enter the realm of setting up a blog. Of course, it’s a bit nerve-racking since I am quite comfortable commenting on other people’s blogs. Now, THIS will be the blog that receives comments. Looking forward to it! Finally, the voices in my head may stop. I will be able to unload thoughts, questions, suggestions in regards to integrating technology…all HERE!

SLI Tech is the theme – Supporting Leaders in Integrating Technology. What strategies are Administrators/Educational Leaders using to ensure integration of technology at their school site is effective, empowering and educational?

Have some research and/or data that you would like to share, please comment.

As an Educational Technology Facilitator for a medium-sized school division in Alberta, Canada, it is pertinent that I network, collaborate, devour all the current cyberdata.

CHECK out some of the outcomes for the SLI tech project. Educational leaders will have a(n)

  • personal vision of what effective tech integration looks like at the school level,
  • process on how to promote and support technology integration,
  • understanding of the strategies that cultivate digital confidence,
  • ability to demonstrate the flexible approaches to teaching and learning using technology.


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